Understanding the Valuable Role of Community Association Managers

Understanding the Valuable Role of Community Association Managers

A recent survey highlights that 71% of community association boards find it necessary to increase their fees soon due to rising costs. Others indicate a preference for cutting costs instead.

Either way, if you're an HOA board member, hiring a community management service is your best option for making every dollar count.

Community association managers will streamline your community management strategy in Wichita, Kansas. Keep reading to find out how.

What Are Community Association Managers?

Hiring a community association management company is the best way to improve your day-to-day community association operations. When you work with one of these firms, they appoint a manager to meet your requirements.

This individual has a broad range of skills to ensure your community thrives. Most of them have a solid grounding in business and finance as well as experience managing communities.

A good community manager also has a personable and customer-service-focused nature. This is imperative for encouraging community involvement and cooperation.

What Does a Community Association Manager Do?

HOA boards comprise volunteers who rarely possess all the skills or have the free time needed to run a community. A community association manager stands in where the board members' skills fall short.

They may assist with:

Legal Compliance

There are many Kansas laws applicable to HOAs and community associations. An experienced property manager has extensive knowledge of these regulations.

They will ensure your HOA board doesn't infringe on any of them.

Budgeting and Financial Matters

An HOA manager can assist with compiling the HOA's annual budget and presenting it to the community. As a third party, it's easier for them to explain any fee increases as well as collect HOA fees from community members.

A suitably qualified manager may assist with every aspect of the HOA's finances. Their services include accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation.

Enforcing Community Rules

It's often difficult for elected board members to enforce HOA rules on their neighbors and friends. An HOA manager will track violations and enforce any penalties without bias or repercussions.

Communication with the Board and Community

Staying on top of homeowner correspondence can become a time-consuming chore when you're doing it in your spare time. For a community association manager, it's only a small part of their daily duties.

They will handle all communications with homeowners, vendors, and other outside parties. They will help arrange community events and manage complaints, too.

Most HOA managers produce monthly reports so board members stay informed about financial and other matters.


Ongoing maintenance is vital in a managed community. The common areas in these developments are what create their appeal and ensure homes retain their value.

Routine maintenance is a time-consuming task, but HOA managers take it in their stride. They will handle everything from sourcing the best prices to overseeing the workers and paying the invoices on time.

Hiring a Community Association Manager

Community association managers offer a broad range of services based on their skills and available time. So, if some of your board members can cope with a few tasks on their own, you can hire a manager to fill in the rest of the time.

We can help you find the perfect fit for your community association in Wichita, Kansas. Get in touch today to discuss your needs.