HVAC Filter Delivery Program

Isn’t it common knowledge that you need to change your furnace filter out regularly?

Sort of.

Even something as simple as replacing a filter can become a little too “out of sight/out of mind” for some. After all, the effects of a clogged filter aren’t immediately recognizable. While many are aware that the air quality will suffer and your energy bills will increase due to a compromised system, there still really isn’t any in your face sign that it’s time for a filter to be changed.

Taking simple steps towards preventative maintenance of a home’s HVAC is a great way to avoid potentially costly repairs. That is why we have partnered with Second Nature in order to provide a service to our owners that eliminates the worry of keeping up to date on furnace filter replacements. For a small monthly fee, an owner can opt-in to our Central HVAC System Filter Delivery Program for their home. Every quarter, filters are delivered directly to the property’s doorstep and the fee does not change if the home requires more than one filter.

This simple solution is just one of the many ways PMI Wichita can help care for your investment and provide a little peace of mind while doing it.