How Landlord Rescue Can Save Your Investment in Wichita, Kansas

How Landlord Rescue Can Save Your Investment in Wichita, Kansas

Roughly 42% of residential properties in Wichita are renter-occupied. This makes the city an ideal location for residential real estate investors.

You spotted the opportunity and promptly invested. Unfortunately, things haven't been going to plan.

Many things can go wrong when you invest in a rental property. You could struggle to find tenants, for instance.

Whatever issue you're facing, you can always turn to landlord rescue and get the help you need. Continue reading to learn exactly how these rescue services can save your investment.

Get Tenants with Property Marketing

Even in a tough market, finding tenants should not be a big challenge - if you know how to solve the problem. The key is running an effective marketing campaign, but like most landlords, you probably don't know much about marketing.

First, you need to know your target market, identify their preferred digital channels, and then design a marketing campaign tailored to those preferences.

A landlord rescue service knows the art of property marketing. They'll implement a strategy that will get prospective tenants inquiring about vacancies. Soon enough, you'll start collecting those rental checks you've missed!

Get Quality Tenants With Tenant Screening

Good marketing will give your property visibility but it doesn't guarantee that you'll get quality tenants. Once the rental applications start coming in, you might be tempted to accept them without doing any background checks, especially if your property has been vacant for a long time.

Without tenant screening, though, you could end up with tenants from hell who will make you wish your property was better off remaining vacant.

Landlord rescue will ensure no bad renter becomes your tenant. Using a combination of checks on their credit, rental history, employment, and criminal background, they can weed out renters who are likely to become a problem.

Eviction of Problem Tenants

A problem tenant isn't just the one who defaults on rent. The list includes those who cause blatant damage to the property, disregard your noise regulations, and violate other lease conditions.

A problem tenant who doesn't heed your warnings needs to vacate the property, but as you might have realized, they aren't going to leave of their own volition. You must initiate the eviction process as fleshed out by Kansas law. An eviction can take as long as three months, which is a situation any landlord wants to be in.

You may not have a full understanding of the eviction laws. Or you might not have the time to follow through with the process.

A landlord rescue service is all you need. Although there are no shortcuts to tenant eviction, they have the resources to pursue eviction with precision, ensuring there are no unnecessary delays.

Landlord Rescue Has Your Back

As a landlord, it's easy to feel that "you got this" even when your investment is fast sinking. Knowing when to get landlord rescue is often what makes the difference; otherwise, you could keep trying to steady the ship on your own until it's too late.

PMI Wichita is always ready to come to your rescue, whether you need help with tenant screening, rental income accounting, or full-service property management.

Schedule a consultation and get ready to enjoy the PMI difference!